Anushka Khasnobish

Anushka is a creative writer wandering in the maze of science of little things called “microbiology.” As a doctoral researcher, she is currently looking at the relationship between human health and our little microbe friends in our saliva and how health experts can utilize this relationship for therapeutic purposes. She is a curious child trapped in an adult body and this curiosity fuels her work. She is a strong believer of destiny which reflects in her creative blog titled “Maktub."

Vivian Le

Vivian is an undergraduate at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill studying how different cultures interact with their environment with a focus on sustainability. She works at Your Local Greens, a new hydroponic city farm in Burlington, North Carolina as the social media coordinator. When she's not studying, she loves hiking, exploring, and traveling to new places!

Jennifer Barrow

Jennifer recently completed her MSc at McGill University studying the impact of stressors on phytoplankton and bacteria communities in shallow lakes. Now, she teaches science and math at an alternative public school in the city. Jennifer’s passion is teaching and learning; she has always had an interest in science communication and community outreach. When not working, Jennifer spends as much time as she can outdoors, playing sports, trying to identify bird calls, reading, and just watching the clouds go by.

Baisali Ray

Baisali is a teacher who is passionate about making science accessible and relatable to all. Her mantra is “Science is fun and it is everywhere.” Baisali is currently an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biology at Northern Virginia Community College. A neuroscientist by training, Baisali received her PhD from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences and completed postdoctoral fellowships at the University of Maryland and the University of Iowa. Her hobbies include traveling, trying new food, reading, and trivia.

Graciela Ferderer

Graciela holds a BA in Biology from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. She has continued on to work as a science educator at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry where she spends her days working with teen volunteers and creating curriculum to get people excited about the world around them. In her free time she loves fixing/riding bikes and making elaborate meals with friends.

Deborah Adedoja

Deborah is an up-and-coming physician with an interest in the science behind everyday life experiences. She is grateful to more recently be working as a clinician using sensory-cognitive teaching methods to assist in building reading comprehension and phonemic awareness among children and adults. Deborah received a masters in public health from the University of Edinburgh. She enjoys new adventures, jogging, biking, music, theatre, painting, playing the harp, and participating in meaningful and fun gatherings.

Rosa Bermejo

Rosa is a Ph.D. student in Social and Health Psychology at Stony Brook University. Her research interests involve studying experiences of discrimination, specifically how they affect the educational and health outcomes of Black and Latinx communities. In her free time, Rosa enjoys drawing and painting.

Nicole Wang

Nicole is a pre-med student at the University of Florida completing her degree in Biology with a minor in Portuguese. She aspires to be a physician, and is immersing herself in the field as an avid volunteer in the Pediatric Cardiac ICU and Pediatric ICU at UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital. Nicole also co-founded Solace, a volunteer organization at UF that serves the geriatric unit as well as other underserved units of the hospital. She is well-traveled, has dual citizenship in Canada and Brazil, and has lived in Shanghai, China.

Peyton Thomas

Peyton Thomas is a PhD student at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. She assesses impacts of environmental stressors on skeletal muscle development and physiology in sharks, skates, and rays. When taking a break from research she enjoys environmental education and outreach, distance running, hiking, backpacking, paddle boarding, traveling, playing ukulele, and gardening.

Caroline O'Brien

Caroline is an undergraduate at Georgetown University completing her degree in Psychology and Cognitive Science. Her primary interests include learning about neurodevelopmental disorders, neurodegenerative diseases, and brain injury and recovery. While she’s not in the classroom, she can be found training on the U.S. Rowing National Team, and is also a captain of the Georgetown Lightweight Women’s rowing team.