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Steve Mow

Steve is an aspiring doctor studying at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. While working towards being a physician, Steve’s passion is teaching and has taught science both formally and informally for years at institutions committed to science education. Outside of school, Steve can be found running, strumming tunes on his ukulele, or playing some Nintendo.


Ian Mahar

Ian is a postdoctoral researcher at Boston University, studying neuropsychiatric features of chronic traumatic encephalopathy and other neurodegenerative conditions. He did his PhD in Neuroscience at McGill University in Montreal, doing neuropsychiatry research in the McGill Group for Suicide Studies at the Douglas Mental Health University Institute. He also does science writing and outreach, and his primary interests for all three are how the brain regulates emotions, and what happens when this regulation goes awry.


Jaime Devine

Jaime K Devine is an interdisciplinary neuroscientist whose research focuses on how behavior and biology, specifically sleep and health, interact. She has a PhD in Neuroscience from Brandeis University and a Certificate in Sleep Medicine from Harvard Medical School. She is also a dedicated science communicator, runner, working mother and nerd.


Alex Garinther

Alex’s degrees are in Psychology (PhD, MA) and Public Administration (MPA). He conducts research on decision making and social behavior, and works primarily on applied projects (e.g., evaluating police training in the United States, assessing persuasive messaging campaigns among charity organizations, linking oncology patients’ religious beliefs to end-of-life treatment decisions). Since 2019, he has run the science communication website Applied Science Live.


Conor Lane

Conor is a PhD student in auditory neuroscience at McGill University. He is interested in how non-neuronal cells such as astrocytes are able to influence learning and memory by regulating the reorganisation of neuronal circuits. In particular, he wants to examine whether we can target these cells to improve cognitive functioning in conditions such as dementias. Outside of the lab, Conor can usually be found cooking for friends or out exploring Montréal!


Isabella Liu

Isabella Liu is a chemistry teacher with a demonstrated history of working in the secondary education and non-profit industries. She has taught students with diverse backgrounds in three different countries. As a recognized Apple Distinguished Educator and Google for Education Trainer, she is skilled in educational technology, curriculum design and assessment delivery. Through her platform, she hopes to share her expertise with other educators in using technology to help engage students in new ways.


Rosa Bermejo

Rosa is a Ph.D. student in Social and Health Psychology at Stony Brook University. Her research interests involve studying experiences of discrimination, specifically how they affect the educational and health outcomes of Black and Latinx communities. In her free time, Rosa enjoys drawing and painting.


Uyen Nguyen

Uyen got her degrees from the University of British Columbia where she studied how physical exercise affects the immune system of bone marrow recipients. She likes to be called “Oo-in” instead of “Yu-en”. In her free time, she runs, watches comedies, reads biographies, and eats chocolate-coated pretzels (occasionally all at once).


Maryse Thomas

Maryse is a post-doctoral researcher in auditory neuroscience at the Mass. Eye and Ear and Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts. She received her PhD in Neuroscience from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. In her spare time, Maryse enjoys learning languages, biking, running, and playing ultimate frisbee.



Michael Gaultois

Michael is hunting a PhD in Chemistry at the University of California, and is a big fan of fountain pens, smoked gouda, M.C. Escher, and high fives. His interests have taken him to collegiate service organizations, RC helicopters, organizational management, start-up companies, world travels, and scientific endeavours.

Athanasios Athanassiadis

Thanasi is a physicist and engineer who uses light and sound to investigate how the physical world works. For his research, he has made sound with lasers for underwater sensing, built an x-ray scanner for sandcastles, and measured how jets of water can be used to move underwater robots. Outside of science, Thanasi is a passionate clarinetist, playing with a variety of Greek and Turkish groups around the Northeast.

Kevin Neibert

Kevin graduated from McGill with a PhD in Pharmacology and Therapeutics, specializing in Nanotechnology. In his spare time he reads & writes about science in society. He also works with video game developers as a science media consultant at Thwacke! to help to make games smarter.

Joshua Jackson

Joshua Conrad Jackson is a PhD student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He studies how culture changes over time, and the impact of cultural change on human cognition and behavior. Outside of research, he enjoys traveling and long-distance running.

Julia Talbot-Jones

Julia is a lecturer (Asst. Prof) at Victoria, University of Wellington in New Zealand. Her work bridges economics, ecology, and natural resource management.

Caitlin Fowler

Caitlin recently started a PhD in Biological and Biomedical Engineering at McGill University in Montreal. She is using neuroimaging to study how brain chemistry and structure change over time in a rat model of Alzheimer’s disease, and if anti-inflammatory treatment can mitigate these disease-related changes. She is not yet jaded by the world of academia and is keen to expand her horizons by learning about (and concisely communicating!) as much scientific research as possible. In the little spare time that is left, Caitlin can be found playing competitive ultimate frisbee, reading, or scouring the internet for easy meal prep ideas.

Simon Lehrner

Simon is an ESL and psychology/philosophy teacher in Vienna, Austria, a gamer across all media and loves curiosity in its many manifestations. He thinks communicating science is as important inside the classroom as it is outside and was therefore immediately drawn to Useful Science. When he's not hunched over classwork, a game board, his computer or a book/newspaper, he's out taking a walk or eating delicious food.

Emma Fowler

Emma recently graduated from McGill University with an MSc. in Experimental Medicine, studying how cancer metabolism contributes to drug resistance in breast cancer. She now works as a Medical Writer in Montreal and is happy that she spends her day creating interesting learning materials instead of pipetting at a lab bench. Emma has many other passions and tries to do as much rock-climbing, wandering in parks, and reading as possible.

Clara Gepner

Clara is a journalism student at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. She holds a BSc in Anatomy & Cell Biology from McGill University, and an MSc in Global Health from Maastricht University. She loves learning about everything from neuroscience to oceanography, and enjoys playing the guitar and running in her free time.

Katie Keil

Katie is a Master's student in the School of Marine and Environmental Affairs and Program on Climate Change at the University of Washington. She is currently researching zooplankton sensitivity to ocean acidification, and is passionate about bridging the gap between scientists and policy-makers. When she's not in the lab or attending some scicomm workshop, you'll find her backpacking in the Olympic mountains, beachcombing in Seattle, or catching up with friends at a local coffee shop.

Carl Snyder

Carl is a PhD graduate student at Portland State University in the Applied Physics program with an emphasis on biophysics. His research is focused on the development of technologies and techniques that could one day be used for detecting microbial life out in our solar system. In his free time Carl likes to do anything that gets his body moving or outside, including: hiking, climbing, biking, basketball, soccer, ultimate frisbee, swimming, rafting, kayaking, snowboarding, camping, and the list goes on and on.

Avaneesh Narla

Avaneesh is currently a PhD student in Physics at the University of California San Diego. His work focuses on theoretical biophysics and quantitative biology, and includes fields such as fluid dynamics, computational neuroscience, theoretical ecology and bacteriophysiology.

Lindsay Schwartz

Lindsay is a behavioral scientist at the Institutes for Behavior Resources in Baltimore, Maryland, working in the areas of behavioral economics, substance use, and fatigue and performance. Her dissertation focused on the use of behavioral economic methods to quantify drug value in those with substance use disorders. These days Lindsay is focusing her efforts on using biomathematical models of fatigue to understand how sleep and fatigue can impact performance in different industries like healthcare and aviation.

Lauren Sterlin

Lauren graduated from Northeastern University with her DPT in Physical Therapy. She currently works in cancer research focusing on metastatic prostate cancer. She enjoys running/fitness, baking and is slightly obsessed with skincare products. One of her talents is spotting film errors.

Sarah Weintraub

Sarah is a Microbiology and Cell Science BS graduate from the University of Florida. She currently works at NorthShore University Healthsystem, associated to University of Chicago, in the Center of Psychiatric Genetics. When she's not in the lab, she enjoys reading, running and exploring!

Deborah Adedoja

Deborah is an up-and-coming physician with an interest in the science behind everyday life experiences. Deborah received a masters in public health from the University of Edinburgh. She enjoys new adventures, jogging, biking, music, theatre, painting, playing the harp, and participating in meaningful and fun gatherings.

Graciela Ferderer

Graciela holds a BA in Biology from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. She has continued on to work as a science educator at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry where she spends her days working with teen volunteers and creating curriculum to get people excited about the world around them. In her free time she loves fixing/riding bikes and making elaborate meals with friends.

Baisali Ray

Baisali is a teacher who is passionate about making science accessible and relatable to all. Her mantra is “Science is fun and it is everywhere.” Baisali is currently an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biology at Northern Virginia Community College. A neuroscientist by training, Baisali received her PhD from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences and completed postdoctoral fellowships at the University of Maryland and the University of Iowa. Her hobbies include traveling, trying new food, reading, and trivia.

Jennifer Barrow

Jennifer recently completed her MSc at McGill University studying the impact of stressors on phytoplankton and bacteria communities in shallow lakes. Now, she teaches science and math at an alternative public school in the city. Jennifer’s passion is teaching and learning; she has always had an interest in science communication and community outreach. When not working, Jennifer spends as much time as she can outdoors, playing sports, trying to identify bird calls, reading, and just watching the clouds go by.

Vivian Le

Vivian is an undergraduate at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill studying how different cultures interact with their environment with a focus on sustainability. She works at Your Local Greens, a new hydroponic city farm in Burlington, North Carolina as the social media coordinator. When she's not studying, she loves hiking, exploring, and traveling to new places!

Anushka Khasnobish

Anushka is a creative writer wandering in the maze of science of little things called “microbiology.” As a doctoral researcher, she is currently looking at the relationship between human health and our little microbe friends in our saliva and how health experts can utilize this relationship for therapeutic purposes. She is a curious child trapped in an adult body and this curiosity fuels her work. She is a strong believer of destiny which reflects in her creative blog titled “Maktub."

Suchitra Mitra

Suchitra is a fifth year Ph.D. student in biochemistry and an aspiring writer. Suchitra's research is on Alzheimer’s disease and solving the world’s energy problem. Suchitra describes herself as an introvert, warm, friendly, and eager to meet new people. Suchitra loves books, music, cats and globe-trotting and experiencing different cultures around the world.

Mariana Alifa Kassien

Mariana is a PhD student in environmental engineering at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, USA. She is currently researching methods to better estimate the health impacts of air pollution. In her free time she enjoys painting, listening to podcasts, and a good cup of tea, especially if she's doing all three at the same time!

Phuong Nguyen

Phuong is a Science undergraduate student at the University of British Columbia. She is studying Immunology and Microbiology and is currently involved in breast cancer research. Outside of school, Phuong enjoys swimming, reading books, trying out new hobbies, and whispering encouraging words to her plants.

Farah Fatima

Farah holds a PhD in biomedicine from University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Orignally from Pakistan and currently resising in Sweden. She has transitioned from academia to science communication and currently working as a freelance science writer, editor and reviewer. When not working she enjoys running (after her 2 beautiful children). Loves exploring different forms of art, enjoys creativity and is an avid DIYer. Currently polishing skills in water colour painting and polymer clay jewellery.

Dominika Malarczyk

Dominika is a doctoral researcher in the Institute of Agrophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences. Her thesis is focusing on fungal pathogens of plants, in particular developing fast and effective methods of their detection. More recently, she has also started analysing the metagenomic communities of organic strawberries. In her spare time she is expanding her collections of read books, pole sport figures and indoor plants.

Aisha Al Abri

Aisha Al Abri is a biomedical scientist and recently completed a master's degree in cancer biology and therapeutics. Her master's project was focused on the anti-cancer effect of statins. She has always had an interest in science communication to a broad audience. While not working she enjoys hiking, traveling, and painting.

Magali De Koninck

Magali is a young scientist with a PhD in molecular biology with a background in biotechnology and genetics. She spent 5 years at the Spanish National Cancer Research Institute performing basic research on a tumor suppressor protein from the cohesin complex. Currently, her interests are shifting towards global health and science communications. She now works as an independent consultant for a company that develops innovative global healthcare solutions for remote areas. In her spare time she enjoys nature, yoga, traveling, diving, and scrapbooking.

Vivian Lam

Vivian Lam is a researcher in thoracic and geriatric oncology at UCSF. They completed their undergraduate degree in human biology and comparative literature at Stanford University. They are captivated by palliative and end-of-life care, death and dying, and medical anthropology. They believe that critical theory and narrative can unveil alternative modalities of care and ways of being. They also enjoy distance running, staring vacantly into the distance, and warbling in the shower.

Jessica Reuter Castrogiovanni

Jessica Reuter Castrogiovanni is a scientist and writer interested in studying genetics and neuromuscular disabilities. She is always working toward improving her knowledge and is passionate about scientific literacy. When she isn't writing or advocating for science, she enjoys reading, trying new tea flavors, and teaching her little girl.

Menna Khalil

Menna is a dentist and a lecturer with a PhD in dental biomaterials from Egypt. She has worked on the development, modification and testing of various dental materials. Currently, she is residing in Dubai with her family and concentrating on raising her sons.

Alisha Shah

Alisha is currently an undergraduate student at Nova Southeastern University, studying biology and psychology to apply to a Physician Assistant program. Alisha is working on research about medications that cause osteonecrosis of the jaw and enjoys learning about fashion, traveling to new places, and dancing.

Beatriz Lima

Beatriz has recently completed her MSc in Oncology at the University of Porto, Portugal. She's interested in the health sciences, particularly Oncology and Immunology, and eager to learn as she explores the Science Communication world. She also loves cats, gaming, reading books, and creative writing.

Lexi Puhl

Lexi is a recent graduate of Marist College where she received a BS in Biomedical Science with minors in Chemistry and Psychology and competed in Division 1 collegiate water polo. Currently, she works with children and adults of all ability levels as a swim instructor. She is also working towards becoming a physician and has a special interest in community health education, promoting wellness practices, and pediatric care. In her free time, Lexi enjoys traveling, audiobooks, learning new things, and staying active (especially outdoors).

Mariah Austin

Mariah is a PhD student in Chemical Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. Her research is on the breakdown of proteins by enzymes and designing substrates that are uniquely susceptible to individual enzymes for use in disease tracking and diagnosis. As a grad student, she most enjoys mentoring new researchers and making scientific illustrations that help convey technical concepts in accessible ways. Outside of the lab, she enjoys playing volleyball, biking, hanging out at local breweries, and spending as much time as possible with her dog.

Maureen Moroney

Maureen is a research scientist at Iowa State University whose work includes analytical chemistry as well as educational programming and outreach. She received her BS in biology and is currently pursuing an MS in microbiology with a focus on vineyard yeast. She loves travel, sci-fi, philosophy, experimental baking, air hockey, people-watching, and writing poetry. She's still bummed she wasn't cast as a gender-bent Hal in a local production of Proof.

Olivia Hooks

Olivia recently graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Exercise and Sports Science. While in school, her research focused on the diagnostic potentials of using video camera analysis to measure muscle fatigue. She is pursuing a career as a physician and is interested in women's health, nutrition, and exercise physiology. In her free time, she enjoys playing competitive tennis, attending sporting events, and taking weekend vacations to explore new cities.

Emery Haley

Emery Haley is a nonbinary cell biologist with a passion for diversity in STEM. After earning a Bachelor's in neuroscience from the University of Alabama a Birmingham, they are currently a PhD student in Cell and Molecular Biology at Van Andel Institute Graduate School and are planning to pursue a career in science communication. Outside of the lab Emery enjoys hiking, yoga, and attending art festivals, or staying home with tea, a good book and their cats.

Jordan Aposhian

Jordan graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with a BS in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and a minor in English. His course work blended the sciences and humanities to help shape a holistic system for studying the universe. He works as a digital humanities technician for the university while preparing for graduate school. When not working, he enjoys listening to records, playing a game of chess, and practicing his boxing.

Lidia Obregon

Lidia is an aspiring physician-author with a background in physiology and cognitive neuroscience. She completed her MSc in Cognitive Science at the University of Barcelona in Spain. She’s particularly interested in the interactions between the gut, hormones, brain, and behavior and how quality of life is affected when this axis goes awry. When she’s not studying or working as a scribe in the emergency room, she’s writing quirky blog posts on philosophy, performing improv comedy, baking a carrot cake, writing poems, or pestering her friends and family by geeking out about the human body’s beautiful design.

Hannah Scolaro

Hannah is an analytical chemist with a background in biochemistry. She is most interested in statistics, genetics, and biomedical technology. When Hannah is not in the lab, she enjoys celebrating charcuterie Sunday and listening to audiobooks.

Donn Van Deren

Donn Van Deren is a postdoctoral researcher studying the role of the immune system of the brain in neuropsychiatric disorders, specifically chronic anxiety and trichotillomania, at the University of Utah School of Medicine under the mentorship of Dr. Mario R. Capecchi (Nobel Laureate, 2007). He obtained his Ph.D. at the University of Utah School of Medicine. Since he grew up in the military lifestyle, he is a scientist with military-derived core values. For example, he likes his house to be clean and tidy! His extracurricular activities include, but are not limited to, fitness, hiking (it's Utah!), and traveling.

Jenesis Gayden

Jenesis is a PhD student studying neurobiology at the University of Pittsburgh. She is currently researching the molecular mechanisms of opioid addiction. She is passionate about making science accessible to everyone and racial disparities in scientific research and healthcare. In her free time, she likes to spend time listening to music, reading Stephen King novels, and hanging out with her cat.

Meredith Clark

Meredith has an undergraduate degree in psychology and sociology and completed master’s-level work in Public Health and Legal Studies. She has worked in addiction and gerontology clinical and emergency medicine research for many years and currently works as a writer at an ed-tech company. She continues to be passionate about making bench science accessible to everyone, and in her downtime enjoys cycling and running.

Emily Saks

Emily graduated from Bryn Mawr College with degrees in Psychology and Biology. She currently works in public opinion research and hopes to attend graduate school in social psychology in the near future. In her free time she enjoys reading, gaming and traveling abroad.

Susan Rogers Van Katwyk

Susan Rogers Van Katwyk is the Research Director for global antimicrobial resistance at the Global Strategy Lab at York University. She received her PhD in Epidemiology from the University of Ottawa and her work focuses on generating evidence-informed policy recommendations for global health threats. She loves hiking, curling, and craft beer.


Sur Place Media

Sur Place is a media company of freelancers and artists who come together to fulfill media contracts in a stimulating and supportive environment. At their well-equipped Mile End studio in Montreal, they offer workshops, a collaborative work space, and opportunities for job placement and professional development. Sur Place is producing a series of videos with Useful Science to help people become more informed about scientific findings.


Morehead Planetarium and Science Center

Morehead Planetarium and Science Center is a unit of the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. Their mission is to serve North Carolina and beyond by bringing together the unique resources of UNC to engage the public for an improved public understanding of science, technology and health. The U.S. astronauts of the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo missions, including the astronauts who walked on the Moon, trained under Morehead’s dome in celestial navigation. Morehead is currently producing the Useful Science podcast.


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