2: Power posing, arguing with teenagers, and creative walking

This week we learn about how walking enhances creativity, power posing, and why arguing with your teenager may be a good idea.


Thomas Donoghue

Tom is a PhD student in the Cognitive Science department of UCSD, where he uses computational methods and neural recordings to investigate how the brain communicates with itself. He did a Cognitive Science Bachelor's degree at McGill University and has research experience in neuroimaging and language studies. Outside of being a science nerd, he enjoys travel and music.

Kyle Saikaley

Kyle is a medical student at the University of Toronto, and is currently exploring a novel method for localizing breast tumors. He completed his undergraduate degree in Pharmacology at McGill University. He has research experience in psychostimulant-induced reward, oncolytic viruses, and renal immunology. He enjoys Shia LaBeouf.

Andrew Blevins

Andrew holds a B.A. in English and Cognitive Science from the University of Georgia. He lives in Brooklyn, where he writes stories and essays and works at a legal publishing agency. He's been summarizing scientific studies for friends and loved ones for years (whether they wanted him to or not), so it's nice to be putting this skill to use. Other interests include philosophy, comedy, busking, and running.